What to say about Migrassom ?


In 2009, Daniele Garcia and Glauber Lyra released the album Migrassom, with the production of Mi de Carvalho and visual identity of Design Versus. With good receptivity on the part of the media and the public, they undertook two outreach tours in Europe (2010/2011), specifically in Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal.
Upon returning to Brazil, always looking for rhythms and musical elements that dialogue with Brazilian music, such as Eastern European, Arab and African music, they released the album Migrassom Two in 2017 (again with the production by Mi de Carvalho and Design Versus), and started to be more widespread in South American countries, as well as Europe and Asia.
The artists performed shows in São Paulo and Paraná, went on 3 European tours (2017 / 2018/2019) and were very successful in promoting their work. In this phase, they attracted a larger audience and fans besides Brazil itself, in countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, and in South America (Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay), with interviews on several radio stations, newspapers and TV channels. open and via internet. In 2020, they performed online shows and went on to audiovisual production, recording two video clips: "Confissões" and "Azul".

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